Computer Forensics Tools & Techniques Catalog
Forensic Functionality:Hash Analysis
Technical Parameters: Tool host OS / runtime environment Hash computation Supported hash algorithms Create and manage hashsets Hash search- use of hashes or hash sets to identify files/objects of interest Hash elimination- use of hash sets to filter out files/objects (e.g., "known good" or "known benign" files) Hash de-duplication- use of hashes to eliminate identical files/objects
Windows hash files MD5 support for creating and managing hashsets search by hash supported tool support for hash elimination tool support for hash de-duplication
Mac hash archive file contents SHA1 hashset management and creation not supported search by hash unsupported hash elimination unsupported hash de-duplication unsupported
Linux hash e-mails SHA2-256
hash media (e.g., hard drive, thumb drive, partition) SHA2-512
hashing not supported SHA3-256
fuzzy hashing - ssdeep
fuzzy hashing - PhotoDNA
fuzzy hashing - other
n/a (hashing not supported)